Implants guarantee a recovery of full functionality and aesthetics of teeth. Implants eliminate the need for grinding down the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. They can be used to rebuild both individual gaps and extensive loss of teeth.

implants dentist bydgoszcz miedzyn

implants dentist bydgoszcz miedzynTeeth embedded on implants hold fast and seem to be just your natural teeth - they give you a sense of regaining lost teeth. There is virtually no way of distinguishing the teeth build on implants from natural teeth.

BICON - short implantsThere are three reasons why we use BICON implants

implants dentist bydgoszcz miedzyn- short implants avoid many complicated and costly procedures associated with bone grafting and reconstruction of the alveolar bone or sinus lift. This is because these implants fit in places where placing of regular, long implants could cause damage to important anatomical structures such as nerves, sinuses, etc. Thanks to their construction (short - from 5mm, wide, with a special shape of the horizontal platforms) BICON implants achieve the same contact surface with the bone (and thus the strength of integration - anchor) as much longer conventional implants.

implants dentist bydgoszcz miedzyn- the crown on a BICON is connected with the implant without any screws! There is no risk of the connecting screw getting loose, broken or undone - there simply is no screw! Ideally tight conical connection guarantees no micro-movements and a tight seal that even bacteria can't pass through. This results in no inflammation, irritation of the gums or bone loss (so widespread with other systems).

implants dentist bydgoszcz miedzyn- IAC (Integrated Abutment Crown ) - proprietary crown integrated with the abutment means no cement or adhesives. This is very important for the long-lasting aesthetic and functional effects of the restorations.Leaching of cement or micro-cracks simply don't happen. In addition, each tooth mounted in a BICON implant can be easily removed for repair, polishing, change of colour or shape without damaging anything. After a few minutes or a few hours, the patient receives an adjusted/repaired crown without any complications.

implants dentist bydgoszcz miedzynThe BICON system is synonymous with aesthetics, functionality and simplicity in one!

The BICON system has been on the market for 30 years. Accumulated experience and clinical trials conducted over such a long period make it one of the best researched systems!